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ShekhinahWorks is dedicated to making available the works of Shekhinah Mountainwater, and we understand there may be unmet need in the community. Are you a struggling artist, activist, or providing service or education to enrich the Goddess community?
Sliding scale and gifted items may be available to those in need and
relevant charitable efforts will be considered.

Contact for more information.

Remembering Shekhinah CD - flower frame

Ariadne’s Thread


Ariadnes Thread 2018 front cover with be


Shekhinah Mountainwater age 26 -bevel_ed

ShekhinahWorks has the following songs available as individual mp3's

Email ShekhinahMemories at gmail dot com for ordering information.


  1. In Remembrance - A Poem

  2. She Moved Through the Fair

  3. Aphrodite and the Crone

  4. Tama Lina

  5. Chant of the Faery Warriors

  6. Searching for Lambs

  7. Song of the Wandering Aengus

  8. Ode to Aphrodite


Songs & Chants of the Goddess Vol 1

  1. Triad

  2. Pale Stormy Spring

  3. The Witches are Here

  4. Free Ticket to Heaven

  5. Red Black and Silver

  6. We are the Flow

  7. As I love Myself

  8. All is Well

  9. Circle and a Rainbow

  10. The Dove


Songs & Chants of the Goddess Vol 2

  1. Nine Million Witches

  2. Power Spot

  3. Creation

  4. So Sayeth the Goddess

  5. Mamasay

  6. O Goddess

  7. I Am My Own Mother

  8. Gaia’s Song

  9. The Universe is Moving

  10. Moon on the Water

  11. Heal My Body

  12. Sister Get Ready

  13. Seasonal Magic



 Brigg Fair

 Bruton Town


 He Moved Through the Fair

 He’s Gone Away

 I Buyed Me a Little Dog

 I Know Where I’m Going

 Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

 Mary Queen of Scots – Plaint for Her Youth

 Mattie Groves

 Monday Morning

 Myth of the Kore – sides A & B

 My Johnny Was a Shoemaker

 My Only Jo and Dearie-o

 Queen of Hearts

 Song to Mother Mary

 The Handsome Cabin Boy Great Silkie

 The Sweet Nightingale

 The Unicorn

 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – A Lullaby

 While I Lay Sleeping


Remembering Shekhinah

  1. Lady with the Lamp

  2. Deep Woman

  3. Sweet Willy

  4. Song of the Wandering Echo

  5. Woman in Blood

  6. Witch’s Choice

  7. Beauty and the Beast

  8. Holy Mountain

  9. Oh Unicorn 

  10. Three Riders 

  11. Lady Mother of All

  12. Mischievous Fairy

  13. Cry of the Phoenix

  14. The Year is a Dancing Woman

Legacy Projects in the Works

Shekhinah Star Card_edited.jpg

ShekhinahWorks is currently seeking artists and writers to help bring projects forward.


Currently on the altar:


  • The Shekhinah Tarot

  • Shekhinah’s Cauldron Cookbook

  • Lost Songs Remastered

Email ShekhinahWorks at gmail dot com to inquire or offer creative support.

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