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Womanrunes cover in white over flower gi

WomanRunes© were created by Shekhinah Mountainwater in 1987 to acknowledge the power of written alphabets and words... and to inspire and reclaim the Mysteries of Women. We offer here the original, hand-scribed booklet created by Shekhinah, drawn free-hand with love in her Moonhut. WomanRunes© was often shared with Shekhinah’s students and followers of the Goddess path with encouragement to study and learn the female-rooted symbols, then paint them on smooth stones, clay, or other natural materials, to create a working rune-set suitable for divination and ritual practices. The development of these symbols synergized with other magical undertakings and tied in with the Shekhinah Tarot, Shekhinah Moon Calendars, and other original works.

Order your RUNE BOOK today for $12.00 PAYPAL 

Note: Some time later, Shekhinah’s WomanRunes© inspired Molly Remer ( to create an in-depth compendium including detailed interpretations and studies for each WomanRune. Molly’s book, Womanrunes: A Guide to Their Use and Interpretation, is available on Etsy and Amazon.

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