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Ariadne’s Thread

Ariadnes Thread book cover

Ariadne’s Thread - A Workbook of Goddess Magic

Shekhinah, musician, teacher, priestess and activist, was also an endowed writer. She is best known for her book Ariadne's Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic. The work is considered a classic and a perennial must-read by many practitioners and seekers. It inspires women to find their own connection to magic, and walk a personal path to, and through, the Goddess.


Shekhinah illuminates these profound concepts through the metaphoric figure of the ancient goddess Ariadne. Each chapter concludes with suggested exercises, meditations, and reading lists that expand the circle of knowledge. The text elegantly reveals the mysteries of woman-centered spirituality, along with gentle guidance through the cycles of life: the phases of the moon, the yearly nature holidays, and the aspects of divination.


Ariadne’s Thread can be used as a study guide, manual, or reference text; for the neophyte or the specialist, the pages flow with wisdom both ancient and contemporary. Some say they revisit the book weekly to re-ignite and focus ritual, and connection to the craft. Ariadne’s Thread is republished and newly available in the fall of 2018 by Echo Point Books.

Coming SOON!! 

Ariadne’s Thread  – REPUBLISHED with a foreword by Ruth Barrett. 

The publishing of the book was originally slated for June 1, and the digital release, July 1. However, there were setbacks according to the publisher. We are now looking at October 1 for the paperback, and most likely November for the Kindle.

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"This is one of the very finest books on Women's Spirituality available at any price. Filled with chants, charts, illustrations, anecdotes, rituals, projects and poetry Ariadne's Thread is required reading for any daughter of the Great Mother."

-Sage Women

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