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Remembering Skekhinah CD


A compilation of some of Mountainwater’s most treasured songs

 1.  Lady with the Lamp

 2.  Deep Woman

 3.  Sweet Willy

 4.  Song of the Wandering Echo

 5.  Woman in Blood

 6.  Witch’s Choice

 7.  Beauty and the Beast

 8.  Holy Mountain

 9.  Oh Unicorn

10.  Three Riders

11.  Lady Mother of All

12.  Mischievous Fairy

13.  Cry of the Phoenix

14.  The Year is a Dancing Woman


Lyrics, melody, and performance by Shekhinah Mountainwater. Deep Woman lyrics & melody by Mary Stewart, performed by Shekhinah Mountainwater. Sweet Willy, Appalachian Traditional performed by Shekhinah Mountainwater.



Rune Book

WomanRunes© was shared with Shekhinah’s students and other followers of the Goddess path with encouragement to study and learn the female-rooted symbols, and then paint them on smooth stones, clay, or other natural materials, creating a working rune set suitable for divination and ritual practices. The development of these symbols synergized with other magical undertakings and tied in with the Shekhinah Tarot, Shekhinah Moon Calendars, and other original works.

Ariadne’s Thread - Republished

Hard copy is slated to be released on June 1, 2018. Digital release, July 1, 2018.

The republished work includes a foreword by Ruth Barrett.


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Projects in the Works

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The Shekhinah Tarot

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Shekhinah identified herself as a real witch. She reminded us of a time, back before the burnings and other atrocities, when women like her were loved and respected. She believed that time is here again, and that people are awakening to the truth about the Goddess, psychic powers, good magic, loving the earth, connecting with Faery, and honoring women and sisterhood.

A young Shekhinah, already drawn toward her spiritual path through music


"Music is the soul of my craft."- Shekhinah Mountainwater


Shekhinah was singing and playing the guitar since she was a child. She began by learning folk songs from her mother, and later went on to compose her own material. At age 16, she studied classical guitar, but was soon inventing her own tunings and sounds. Shekhinah was a part of the folk music renaissance of the 50's and 60's, and sang and played among many of the artists who later came to define the era, including Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Jerry Garcia, Joan Baez, and Janice Joplin. Later, her spiritual initiations opened her music along with her soul, and she found herself in ecstatic trances while playing and singing. "Music became my prayer, my ritual, my truth, my path. It brought others into creative expression with me, brought me to the Goddess and to women, and ultimately to a new revolutionary understanding."

Visit Shekhinah's YouTube here:


WomanRunes© were created by Shekhinah Mountainwater in 1987 to acknowledge the power of the written word, and inspire and reclaim the Mysteries of Women. The booklet offered here is the original, hand-scribed item created with love by Shekhinah in her Santa Cruz home decades ago.


Note: Some time later, Shekhinah’s WomanRunes© inspired Molly Remer ( to create an in-depth compendium of Shekhinah's runes. Molly added detailed interpretations and studies. Her book, Womanrunes: A Guide to Their Use and Interpretation, is available on Etsy and Amazon.

Shekhinah Mountaiwater with her handmade Tarot deck
Shekhinah still watching over us from the heavens
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